Look Into

See some of the most iconic pieces of gear you find in professional recording and mixing studios around the World and the way it gets used every single day at RedStone Productions.


Reviewing the Solid State Logic UF8, the latest DAW controller with motorised faders to be released onto the market this year. We show you what we use it for and how it has impacted our work flow when setting up sessions, mixing and exporting music. Stay tuned for more!

SSL X-Desk

The Solid State Logic X-Desk is one of the main hubs of our studio facility. We show you how the 2nd smallest SSL studio mixer in the world (made in UK)  can power up most of your analogue dreams without compromise!

Pultec Style Equalizers

This time we review 3 Pultec Style EQ's ranging from extremely affordable to very expensive units hand made in USA.

The Klark Teknik EQP-KT's, the IGS Rubberbands and the Summit Audio EQP-200B are tested and compared to know their differences and most importantly to Hera how they sound.

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