Meet the Man




Pietro Rossi

Born in Italy in 1985, Pietro Rossi graduated with Honours in Music Science at the University of Rome. Recording Engineer, Mixer, and Educator at SAE Amsterdam, he opened up Redstone Productions in 2010.


His Mixing and Mastering studio is a state-of-the-art facility with tons of vintage and eclectic music production tools, which also triggered his passion for teaching to young kids.


Pietro has been working with many artists around the globe including the RZA from Wu-Tang Clan, Gaby Moreno, Adel Tawil, Michael Schulte, Joseph Arthur, Earl Slick, The Colorado Symphony Orchestra, and more. As a Producer of the Lennonbus, the most advanced mobile recording studio in the world, he traveled the world in pursuit of what makes music great, resulting in over 100 releases in just over 18 months.


In the last year, he has been focusing on Immersive Audio and developing recording and mixing techniques for the Dolby Atmos format. In October 2023 he traveled the US and Canada with the Wu-Tang Clan NYSOM Tour, providing the Wu Members a safe environment where they could record new materials while on tour, and at the same time mix RZA’s latest Orchestral Album “A Ballet Through Mud” in Dolby Atmos.

RedStone Productions - 1019 BL Amsterdam